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Terms & Conditions

The following General Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate the offer and sale of products and / or services on e-commerce Website (“Website”). Please read these General Terms and Conditions carefully before ordering any products.Lofas S.r.l., a Company registered in Italy (Business register number, tax code and VAT number 00799330154), has its registered office in Italy, at Via Crema, 10 Milan. Lofas is the holder of the e-commerce Website purchased on the site ("Products") are sold directly by Lofas S.r.l., a Company registered in Italy. Lofas, owns the brand Leone1947 and is the only rights-holder on dominions, logos, trademarks and copyrights applied to the Website and products 1. FIELD OF WEBSITE APPLICATION1.1 The online store is reserved for retail sales. Lofas offers products for sale exclusively to customers “end users”, i.e. "Consumers". It is considered a “Consumer” any individual who buys goods for purpose not related to any commercial, craftsman or professional activity carried out in his business. If the user is not a "Consumer" is invited to avoid submitting orders on the online store; Lofas reserves the right not to process orders placed from users who are not "Consumer" and any orders which does not comply with Lofas’s business policy.1.2 All information contained in the Website does not constitute a binding offer for selling products in any Country or location.Lofas accepts purchase orders placed by Customers who reside and indicate as destination, a place situated in a Member Country of the European Union and in Switzerland, as available in the specific Country list published on the Website.Before starting the purchasing procedure, the Customer must select his Country, if available, from the list on the top right corner of any page (if it has not been automatically detected by the system).Lofas does not accept orders requiring deliveries to places outside the “Continental area”, as indicated, for example, in the following list : Destination Territories ExcludedFinland Åland IslandsFrance French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint MartinPortugal Azores MadeiraSpain Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Plazas de soberaníaUnited Kingdom GibraltarThere are also some places considered as “remote areas” where we could not be able to deliver. Please contact our Customer Service if you are concerned that this may apply to you. Orders placed by Customers indicating addresses where Lofas cannot ship, will be refused. 1.3 The purchase of the Products on the WebSite is allowed to people who guarantee to be at least eighteen (18) years old and are able to form legally binding contracts.1.4 The sale of the Products on the Website constitutes a distance contract governed by the Articles 50 and seq. of the Italian Legislative Decree N. 206 of September 6, 2005 (“Consumer Code”) and by Italian Legislative Decree N. 70 of April 9, 2003, containing the regulation of electronic commerce1.5 General Terms and Conditions of Sale applicable are those published at the date of transmission of the purchase order. Lofas reserves the right to amend the present general terms and conditions at any time (in consideration of possible regulatory changes). Any changes will be effective from the date of publication on the WebSite 2. ACCEPTANCE OF GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE AND CONTRACT CONCLUSION2.1 English is the available language to conclude the contract. The contract is concluded in the European Union Countries, as specified in the above paragraph 1.22.2 The Customer is required to read with attention these Terms and Conditions, which Lofas puts at his disposal on Website, in section “Customer Service“ - Leone1947 for you ”. The Customer is encouraged to download, save or print a copy of it, as well as information about the Right of Withdrawal and any other information that Lofas provides on the Website, either before or during the purchase process.2.3 To conclude the purchase of one or more Products on the Website, the Customer must have a valid e-mail address and meet the necessary legal requirements to stipulate the relative purchase contract. The Customer must have a valid e-mail address and meet the necessary legal requirements to stipulate the relative purchase contract. The Customer must fill in the Order Form and send it to Lofas, electronically, following the instructions that appear on the WebSite during the order phases.2.4 By submitting an Order Form through the Website (forward), the Customer unconditionally accepts and agrees to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale in his contract with Lofas. In case of disagreement on certain terms contained in these General Sale Conditions, the user is invited not to submit any order form for purchase on the WebSite2.5 Lofas will file the Order forms in a database accordingly to the terms of the law. The Customer can get access to his Order Form, through the section “ My Leone1947 Shop "on the Website2.6 Once the Customer has submitted his order, Lofas will send an “Order entry confirmation ” email acknowledging the receipt of it.This email shows an extract of the essential elements of the order: personal data entered by the customer, delivery address, details of the products ordered (description and quantity), price details, method of payment, delivery costs, any eventual additional costs as well as information on the Right of Withdrawal and a Summary of General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The Customer undertakes to verify the correctness and to communicate eventual corrections through the online section “Customer Service “.This e-mail message does not constitute acceptance of the order, but only the confirmation of correct receipt of it by Lofas proper systems.In the “Order entry confirmation” email, the Customer will also find his personal “Order Number”, which has to be used when communicating with Lofas.2.7 The contract between Lofas and the Customer will only be concluded when Lofas confirms that the Order has been accepted by email "Order and Shipment Confirmation" (see paragraph 5.8)2.8 Any email sent to the Customer acknowledging his order status (such as email of "Request of Further information" or email of "Notification of delivery delay"), or verbal communication about the order must not be considered an acceptance of it.The completion of the contract takes place with the shipment of the ordered products, unless Lofas has not notified to the Customer the non-acceptance of it, or the Customer has requested the cancellation of it.2.9 Lofas reserves the right to refuse or restrict orders that do not give enough guarantees of solvency or contain incomplete or incorrect data, as well as order related to products that are no longer available (out of stock) In these sentences, Customers will be informed of order cancellation by email as soon as possible (and in any case within 30 days from the order placement date).In case of payment already completed, Lofas provides to refund the Customer for the amount already charged with a reversal of the payment transaction (see art. 10. Refund procedures) Lofas, also reserves the right to reject orders from any Customer with whom Lofas has an ongoing legal dispute regarding a prior order. Lofas may cancel any order if it suspects any fraudulent activity and may refuse to process orders from customers with a previous fraudulent order history.In addition, Lofas reserves the right to refuse orders placed by :- customer with whom Lofas has (or had) an ongoing legal dispute, - customer who has previously violated terms or purchase contract with Lofas- customer suspected being involved in any fraudulent activity (in particular, fraud related to payments by credit card)- customer who have issued false identification, incomplete or inaccurate data. 3. PRODUCT INFORMATION AND PRODUCT AVAILABILITY3.1 The main characteristics of each product are displayed on each “Product information page” on the basis of information provided by manufacturers. Lofas, reserves the right to change any Product information page without notice.3.2 Lofas will try the best to represent images as closely as possible to the products offered for sale. The colors of the products, however, may differ from the real ones accordingly to the settings of the computer systems used by the user. The images in the Product Specifications may also differ in shade of color, size, or in connection with any products accessories. For the purposes of the purchase agreement shall prevail the description of the product contained in the order form sent by the client3.3 On the Website could also be displayed general supporting information to the purchase, such as those found, for example, or in the Glossary Buying Guide. This information are provided as simple generic informative material, not corresponding to real characteristics of a single product. For the purposes of the purchase agreement shall prevail the description of the product contained in the order form sent by the client.3.4 The availability of each product is shown directly in the related Product information page. Customer may purchase only products available. If the Product status is “Available on demand” the Customer can proceed with its reservation and Lofas will order it to the supplier on customer behalf. When the product will be available, Lofas will notify the Customer through email.3.5 Please note that adding a product to the Shopping Cart does not mean mean its automatic reservation to the Customer.The product is still available for purchase by other customers until the submission and the Order confirmation notice by Lofas, accordingly with these Terms and Conditions of Sale. It could depend on simultaneous purchase orders on the Website. It is possible, due to technical reasons, that an “available product”, could become out of stock after the transmission of the order, and therefore is necessary to wait for a new supply. In this case, the Customer will be informed immediately by e-mail (“Product reserved” or “delivery delay”) and may request to cancel the order at any time prior to shipment of the product by clicking on “cancel” button contained in the e-mail.3.6. In case of unavailability of the Product ordered, the Customer will be notified by e-mail immediately and in any case within thirty (30) days from the day following the transmission of the order. If payment has been already completed , Lofas simultaneously provides to refund the Customer for the amount already charged with a reversal of the transaction. (see paragraph below: 13. Refund procedures)3.7 All products are equipped with a fixed tag and a disposable seal. The Customer is required not to remove the tag and seal of the products purchased, because are considered integral parts of it (see paragraph 9 below. Right of withdrawal). 4. PRICE, SHIPPING COSTS, TAXES AND DUTIES4.1 All Prices published on the Website are in € (Euros). They are inclusive of VAT if the Products are shipped and delivered within the European Union.If Products are shipped and delivered to countries not belonging to European Union (when available), prices will not include VAT, neither additional duties and taxes.4.2 The Website operates in the European Union, for this reason all transactions made by Customers will be converted into Euros during the payment phase. Even payments in currencies other than Euro, will be converted into Euros directly in the "checkout" page of the payment gateway. The currency amount is calculated on the ratio of change on the date of order placement. The exchange rate risks are therefore charged to the Customer.4.3 Lofas reserves the right to change the price of Products at any time. It is implied that the Product price that will be charged to the Customer is the one shown shown on the Website at the time of the Order submission. Eventual increase or decrease subsequent to the transmission of the order, will not be considered4.4 The Product Price does not include shipping costs. Delivery costs are indicated and charged to the customer, and shall be paid by the Customer with the payment of the Total Order Price.The amount will depend on delivery options, and on quantity, volume, and weight of the shipped articles in relation to their destination. The shipping costs requested by Lofas, expressed in Euros, are specifically indicated in the Cart during the purchase procedure and before the conclusion of it.4.5 The Total Order Price (with a separate indication of transport costs) is always shown at the end of the Cart and before Customer proceeds to the transmission of the order (in "Order summary" section). The Total Order Price (resumed also in “Order entry confirmation” and in "Order and shipment Confirmation" emails). The total amount will be the only one due by the Customer in relation to the purchase order. Nothing more is due by Customer, apart of eventual Customs duties and local taxes where applicable (see paragraph below).4.6 Shipment towards other destinations different from Member Countries belonging to European Union (when they will be available) may be subject to duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches the country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient. He will pay Custom duties and eventual other local taxes directly to the Courier at the moment of delivery. Customer indemnifies Lofas from such taxes, levies and charges. However any possible tax, levy, expense, and duty provided by local country laws are to be entirely borne to the Customers/Recipient.4.7 In case product’s price is granted on the Website, in the “Product information page” will be clearly indicated the percentage of discount and the full price before discount application. 5. HOW TO PURCHASE5.1 Purchasing Product on the Website is possible with or without registration. The registration allows the Customer to have a range of additional services, by creating a Personal Profile (for example, he can take control and manage his data, shipping addresses, order history, etc.).5.2 On the online Catalogue, the Customer chooses selects and adds to Cart the products available and orderable, as described in the relevant “Product Information Page”. During order entry,the Customer is required to provide certain personal information (personal data, data destination, landline number and mobile number, e-mail address); and insert valid details of the credit card of which is legally responsible, or other methods of payment (as envisaged by these Terms and Conditions of Sale).5.3 Lofas reserves the right to request additional information and documentation in order to ascertain the identity and ownership of the Customer to make payment. The Customer warrants that all information provided is true, accurate, and complete (see next paragraph on Payment Method).5.4 At the end of the purchase procedure, in the cart to the section "Order Summary" and, therefore, before proceeding to the transmission, the Customer will be able to identify and correct any data entry errors by following the instructions from time to time indicated on the Website and that will accompany the different phases during the purchase procedure;5.5 After the placement of the order (forwarded), Customer is invited to print or save an electronic copy of it and still keep the present general conditions of Sale, in compliance with the provisions on distance selling5.6 The Customer who placed the order with a Log In (means that he is a registered Customer and has created his own profile) will have access to the order and will be able to check its status by accessing to his My Leone1947 Shop and visualizing his own “Order History” while the Customer that has not registered can check the status of his order through the section “Customer Service“5.7 After confirming to the customer the correct receipt of the order form (see point 2.6), Lofas processes the order and verifies the data entered by the customer, payment method, the preparation of the products in the warehouse. In some cases it may need a telephone contact with the customer or request additional documentation (see paragraph Payment Method)5.8 Lofas communicates the acceptance of order by sending the “Order and Shipment Confirmation” email containing a summary of the information already contained in the Order Form : target data, description and quantity of products ordered, payment method, data delivery, courier and shipment tracking number.The email also contains links about: General Terms and Conditions of Sale, Information on right of Withdrawal, “Customer Service“ .5.9 In case of refusal, Customer will be notified by Lofas as soon as possible (and in any event within 30 days from the date of the order placement) by sending an “Order cancellation notice” email containing the reasons. In case of payment already completed, Lofas provides contextually to refund the Customer for the amount already charged with a reversal of the transaction (see art. 10. Refund method).