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Leone Team

Giorgio Petrosyan 

Specialities: K1, kick boxing.

Date of birth: 10.12.1985
Birthplace: Erevan, Armenia.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 154,3.
Height (ft): 5,84.

Title: World Max World K1 champion - 154,3 lbs (2009-2010). 

Other titles: Glory World Series World champion - middleweight (2012); WKN Intercontinental champion- middleweight (2009).

Club: Team Leone Petrosyan, Milan.
Master: -

Alessio Sakara

Specialities: MMA, brazilian jiu jitsu, sanda, boxing.

Date of birth: 02.09.1981
Birthplace: Rome, Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 205.
Height (ft): 6,07.

Title: first italian MMA fighter in UFC (2005). 

Other titles: UFC (2005-2013), 6 W (4 KO) / 8 L.

Club: Legio's Team, Roma.
Masters: Marcos Conan Silveira, Riccardo Liborio.

Cesar Cordoba

Specialities: boxing.

Date of birth: 23.10.1980
Birthplace: Barcelona, Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Weight (lbs): 196,2.
Height (ft): 6,10.

Title: WLK world K1 champion (2011). 

Other titles: WNK Oriental world kickboxing champion, 85.5kg (2010); Spanish boxing champion - light heavyweight (2014).

Club: -
Master: -

Emiliano Marsili

Specialities: boxing.

Date of birth: 11.08.1976
Birthplace: Civitavecchia (RM), Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 135,8.
Height (ft): 5,54.

TitleIBO World champion - lightweight (2012).
EBU European champion - lightweight (2013)

Other titles: Silver WBC World champion - lightweight (2014).

Master: Mario Massai.

Annalisa Bucci

Specialities: K1, MMA, muay thai, full, savate, boxing, kick boxing.

Date of birth: 29.01.1983
Birthplace: Fabriano, (AN), Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 143,3.
Height (ft): 5,58.

TitleEUMMA European MMA champion (2014). 

Other titles: WTKA European muay thai champion (2015); ISKA World full contact champion (2013); WAKO European champion (2011).

Club: Pro Fighting Evolution, Rimini.
Master: Fabio Corelli.

Julian Giner Arroyo

Specialities: Boxing.

Date of birth: 20.07.1983
Birthplace: Premia de dalt (CAT), Spain.
Nationality: Spanish.
Weight (lbs): 127,5.
Height (ft): 5,45.

Title: EBU european boxing champion - super featherweight (2015)

Other titles: EBU-EU European champion - super featherweight (2015); Spanish boxing champion - super featherweight (2013)

Club: Gallego Prada Gym
Master: Emiliano Gallego Prada

Silvia La Notte

Specialities: savate, kick boxing, K1, boxing.

Date of birth: 15.08.1982
Birthplace: Milan, Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 105,8.
Height (ft): 5,18.

Title: World Champion -48Kg, Thai Boxe Iska - Birmingham 2013
World Champion -48kg, K1 Style Wako Pro – Villach 2009, 2010
World Champion 50kg, K1 Style Wako Pro – Milano 2009
World Champion -48kg, Savate Fis – Longwy 2009
World Queen Tour. Champion 50kg, K1 Style Fis – Tokyo 2008, 2009
World Champion 51kg, Savate Wpkc – Bruxelles 2003

Club: Pro Fighting, Milano.
Master: Mario Zanotti.

Maxim Prodan

Specialities: boxing.

Date of birth: 13.02.1993
Birthplace: Ukraina.
Nationality: Ukrainian.
Weight (lbs): 145,5.
Height (ft): 5,68

Title: Record 10 W (10 KO) - 1D

Club: OPI since 1982
Master: Franco Cherchi

Alessandro Caccia

Specialities: boxing.

Date of birth: 29.05.1988
Birthplace: Ferrara, Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 145,5.
Height (ft): 5,84.

Title: Italian boxing champion - welterweight (2015)

Other titles: WBC Latino Title Italian boxing champion - welterweight (2015).

Club: OPI2000 - Pugilistica Padana Vigor, Ferrara.
Master: Massimiliano Duran.

Daniele Limone

Specialities: boxing.

Date of birth: 19.08.1984
Birthplace: Turin, Italy.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 116,8.
Height (ft): 5,71.

TitleItalian boxing champion - flyweight (2013)

Other titles: EBU-EU European boxing challenger - super bantamweight (2014).

Club: BOXE LORENI - All Boxing Team, Torino.
Master: Dino Orso.


Alessandro Goddi

Speciality: Boxe.
Data di nascita: 28.10.1987
Luogo di nascita: Termini Imerese (TO), Italia.
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (kg): 72,58.
Height (cm): 178.
Title: Continental WBA boxing champion - middleweight (2017);  Italian middleweight Champion; twice International silver Champion WBC.
Gym: Accademia Pugilistica Alexander, Nuoro – Team Loi, Villacidro (VS)
Master: Omar Loi, Silvio Loi

Samuel Nmomah

Specialities: Boxing.

Date of birth: 24.02.1997
Birthplace: Nigeria.
Nationality: Italian/Nigerian.
Weight (lbs): 152,1.
Height (ft): 6.04.

Title: Record 3 W (1 KO) - 2017. 

Club: Opi since 1982 - Milano
Master: Franco Cherchi.

Alex Avogadro

Speciality: Kick Boxing, Thai Boxe, K1.
Date of birth: 05.12.1988
Place of birth: San Pellegrino Terme (BG).
Nationality: Italian.
Weight (lbs): 132,2.
Height (ft): 5,41.

Title: European Champ. cl. B -WFC 2013; Ita. Champ. cl. A-WFC; the winner of Super Muay Thai in Bangkok 2015, the winner of Notte dei Campioni show 2015.

Gym: Free Combat Academy, Romano di Lombardia (BG).
Master: Ivan Mapelli.

Nif Brascia

Speciality: K1, kick boxing, boxing.

Date of birth: 01.04.1998

Place of birth: Kalasin (Thailandia).

Nationality: thailandese.

Weight (lbs): 121,2.

Height (ft): 5,57.

Title: 2016 - Kick boxing WTKA cat.121.2 Lbs world champion juniores, 2015 - kick boxing WFCcat.121.2 Lbs world champion juniores, 2015 - Kick boxing WTKA cat.121.2 Lbs world champion juniores