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44.90 €
  • Closure: Velcro
  • Disciplines: Boxe, kick boxing, muay thai
  • Gender: UNISEX
  • Hand back material: PU
  • Hand palm material: PU
  • Material:
  • Padding: 100% flex PU
  • Sleeve: PU
The GN314 is an unmissable glove for every thai fighter! It recreates in its graphics all the elemen"ts dearto every fan of the Thai world. There are indeed several “Sak Yant”, thai magic tattoos. “Gao Yord” which symbolizes the nine peaks of the mythical mountain of the gods, together with a “Unalome” that describes the path that the person performs during life, complicated at the beginning and m"ore linear towards the end.On the velcro the print is inspired by the Sak Yant “Hah Taew” in which "in each of the five lines a prayerof protection is written. The main subject of the glove is instea"d “Yant Suea Tiger” in which the two tigersrepresent “Amnaj”, the power over the subordinates. For this reason this tattoo is often used by soldiers,"policemen or those in positions of command. Equipped with a breathable palm and high impact absorbe"ntpolyurethane padding, the “Yantra” glove is perfect for training and regular use.
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