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27.90 €
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  • Gender: Woman
  • Material: PL/NA/Elastomero
Sports bra of the Nefertiti line, the famous Egyptian queen, certainly remembered as one of the mostmysterious and fascinating female figures of the ancient world. His name means “the beauty has come. Shewas a prominent figure in the panorama of politics and in the religious sphere of Ancient Egypt. Remember tohistory as the most famous queen of Egypt. On the front of the top bra there is the figure of the scarab, symbolof the resurrection. The amulets in the shape of a scarab were placed on mummies (“heart scarabs”, onwhose inferior face were written prayers and greeting formulas) to symbolize the rebirth. This top bra allowscomplete freedom of movement and no discomfort during the exercises thanks to the wide shoulder straps that are rejoined to V between the shoulder. The AB560 is suitable not only for training but also for combat: thepadding is removable and the pockets are compatible with the rigid protectors cup.
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