How to choose your boxing gloves



There are several selection criteria to select the boxing glove that best suits your needs. 

The factors to consider are:


* OUNCES: The ounce, which is indicated by the symbol OZ, is still used in the United States and is worth a sixteenth (1/16) of a pound (pound). Being one pound equal to 453.59 grams, one ounce equals 28.35 grams and indicates the total weight of the glove.




Leather glove

The genuine leather gloves are much more soft , resistant and suitable for all those looking for a superior quality and long lasting product. It is the choice of the most demanding fighters who train intensely.




Synthetic gloves are the best compromise between quality and price. Recommended for those who approach ring sports or train with moderate frequency. The intermediate choice is gloves with gloves' back in leather and synthetic palm: excellent response of the skin to impacts but lightness guaranteed by the synthetic material.




The velcro allows a greater speed of opening and closing and therefore of use. Thanks to its practicality, it is usually preferred in gym workouts.




The closure with laces is mandatory for boxing matches and is generally also used by professionals of combat sports in the most prestigious competitions. In this case it is the coach who helps the fighter to wear gloves so that they can adhere perfectly to the hand.




LEONE gloves have a number of ounces (OZ) that can vary from 6 to 18 depending on the weight category of the athlete and the purpose of use.

As the ounces increase, the padding increases and therefore the weight of the glove.

In our models also the fit adjusts to the increase of the ounces; In general we can help you choose with these indications:

  • 6 OZ suitable for children and young boys
  • 8 - 10M OZ suitable for women and boys. (10M gloves have the same weight as the classic 10 OZ but with a reduced fit, perfect for female hands and young people)
  • 10 OZ is the classic weight, perfect for heavy bag training and matches.
  • 12 - 18 OZ specific for sparring in the gym. To safeguard your hands and your opponent, we recommend choosing the right padding also based on your weight.


2020_04_quale modello.jpg


With different materials, closure and weight LEONE 1947 has a huge range of gloves to choose from.

Always choose based on how you train.

  • Regular use [1-2 times a week]
    For those who approach ring sports or train with moderate frequency.
    We recommend: synthetic glove, velcro closure, 10 OZ
  • Heavy use [3 - 4 times a week]
    For the expert athlete who constantly trains and practices sparring.
    We recommend: synthetic or 50/50 leather and synthetic glove, velcro closure, 10 OZ - 14 OZ
  • Professional use [5 - 7 times a week]
    For the agonist, the professional and everyone who seek maximum performance during daily training
    We recommend: leather glove, velcro or laces closure, 12-18 OZ.


These informations are purely indicative. Before purchasing, we suggest you consult your teacher in any case, who, with his experience and the type of training you will be subjected to, he will be able to recommend the model that best suits your needs.

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